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[Gaming] Scarlet Blade, a sexy, women only MMO!

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I've been thinking about also posting about past and upcoming games featuring women, and as a thank you for all the support, page views and warm welcome on my twitter page, I believe i can turn the "Sexy Meter" up to max for you guys for this one blog, and boys, is this one steaming hot. In fact, i might even have to warn my fellow feminist and supporters of women warriors that below contains content stuff that, depending on your perspective, can be viewed as oversexualized, even downright sexist.

...if your easily enraged by bad ass, if scantly clad, women that kick some major monster butt, that is.

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Now, hold on! Before we continue, let's clear up one major detail. 

The above title in the photo says "Queens Blade" but the actual finished product going to be released soon is called "Scarlet Blade" -Which I'll explain why later-. However, most of the pics that I'll be using will have the original title on it.

Scarlet Blade is a Free-To-Play action MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game developed by Aeria Games featuring beautiful and tough all-female cast of playable characters, which can be customized in an in-depth character editor from the start of the game. (Video Below by RenderMax ). The reason it's change from Queens Blade to Scarlet Blade was because of copywrite to an anime of the same title (which i also happen to love!)
The game features six classes of genitally enginered women in a world where an unknown enemy has attacked and nearly wiped out all human life on the planet, one of them you play as while you defend your world from these invaders. The classes are...

It has been said by AeriaGames that the sentinel class will have an older, sexier look to them in the English release. A very good call in their part <3

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 (My two cents)

 This is possibly going to be the one MMO that I'm definitely looking forward to playing (along side Warcraft, since i've been in love with the franchise since warcraft 3). In fact, this game embodies what this blog is all about; the perfect blend of male-appealing sensuality with the female supporting independence of fantasy women being able to do great things and taking bigger roles, no longer being just a love interest or a damsel in distress cliche.

It has been noted that this game as revived controversial criticism by feminist across the globe for the blatant sexualization of the women in the game. That i would agree with being sexist, if it wasn't intentional. Aeria Games posted right off the bat that this is a Mature MMO game with the sole intention of having sexual content, such as partial nudity and the sort. While this was probably intended to seduce lust-driven gamers with sex appeal for profit, i have an optimistic side to all this.

While they do use sex appeal as a basis for their upcoming game, that is probably the only closest thing to sexism that they have achieved. Do we see these women above making sandwiches, or talking about cute boys, or playing the backdrop support role for a leading male character?

No! These badass babes are going into battle to rip their enemies into, and doing a damn fine job of it! From the gameplay I've seen, I've yet seen a single woman hide in fear of an obstacle behind a man (though, yes, it's a given because there are no men in the game besides maybe civilians mentioned in the plot.), but instead take out a gun or sword, put on some awesome outfits (which i must say to the designer; I freakin' LOVE your costume designs!) and kick ass while taking names!

If you weigh all this in to comparison to actual sexist games (Duke Nukem, I'm looking at you. And then there's Gor, which i used to read, but completely agree with being sexist.), the only wrong they have done was consider extremely revealing clothing protective, which at least i can excuse because that's something I'm very much into (Not the protective part, but the women wearing less and still being better fighters than men.). On the scale of misogyny (a word which most other feminist don't even use correctly), scantly clad women taking the fight to the enemy is far less sexist than full clothed women being nothing more than a love interest. Misogyny is taking this half naked women and using them as pets or support roles to a fully armored, male-only playable cast, having them do nothing but pose (which is only on the wallpapers and posters) and cast spells while men do the fighting, a product of a misogynist male (Meaning hateful or disliking of women) trying to vent out his little frustration by making a fantasy world where women are lesser beings than humans. Scarlet Blade is not the embodiment of sexual objectification, it is the embodiment of sexual appreciation, which gets a thumbs up from this supporter of women!

Of all the blogs that complain and bash this game solely for the appearance of women in the game besides the rest of the content, I give my full support to Aeria Games. You guys are awesome, and to any female cast willingly working on this game, you have my utmost respect for having an open mind toward this project. Now, if they made another mature game with a bunch of half naked hunks doing the fighting, Aeria games would become the greatest MMO developing company to women gamers across the globe, to the point where even other feminist that bashed them before would turn heel and give them critical acclaim. The profit wouldn't be all that great at the start, but gaining support from both male and female consumers will lead to some world changing things...

With that in mind, time to close this off with some sexually appreciating screenshots of the environment and women.

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Artwork and Wallpaper


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In-Game Screenshots

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